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Could Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Also Catch Fire? It Offers Many Times

Montag, Februar 24th, 2020

Could Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Also Catch Fire? It Offers Many Times

This Atlantic City Boardwalk fire from 2009 is just one of many that have plagued the tourist attraction over the years november.

With casino revenues already mostly in the toilet for the majority of Atlantic City’s land casinos, and the gambling town nevertheless dealing with last year’s devastation due to Hurricane Sandy which shut straight down many of the town’s casinos for days the past thing this New Jersey city needed was any proximity at all to just one more catastrophe. Sufficient reason for final week’s horrific Boardwalk fire in the Seaside Heights area not directly linked to AC, but along the same 217-mile stretch of Atlantic shoreline that is frequented by many of the same tourists and locals one can’t help but wonder if Atlantic City may likewise require an exorcist or even to put blood on its casino walls for the passover regarding the evidently ongoing plagues that are being doled out of on high.

Or possibly, wooden boardwalks while charming whenever built 150 years ago are merely not just a safe building material in the modern globe. Fire professionals are, in reality, now saying the destructive fire seems to own been an episode of arson, though the motivation is unclear.

More Damage after Sandy

Nj-new jersey’s Governor Chris Christie, upon visiting the fire scene that destroyed many boardwalk buildings, referred to it as an ‘unthinkable situation’. It took a lot more than 400 (mehr …)