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8 factors why you shouldn’t go to Hungary!

Mittwoch, Februar 12th, 2020

8 factors why you shouldn’t go to Hungary!

There are numerous factors why Hungary just isn’t well well well worth visiting, but there is however perhaps not room enough for me personally to record them all right here. Therefore let’s simply begin to see the top 8 factors why you shouldn’t see Hungary.

1) reasons why you should never ever go to Hungary – It offers the ugliest, most capital that is boring the whole world

Clearly. simply examine some photos of Budapest. It’s disgusting, isn’t it? Specially during the night. And you will just do boring things here such as for example likely to stupid concerts, ridiculous exchibitons and events that are cultural. After all, whom on the planet would like to head to a famous thermal shower in Budapest, in order to stay in a sauna or relax into the heated water? It seems terrible, does not it?

Budapest Budapest at night Gellert Thermal Bath in Budapest

2) Reasons to never ever check out Hungary – Its countryside is simply as unsightly as the capital…

After all those “cute small houses” and boring historical buildings… whom would ever desire to see those? Additionally the horse that is dull into the Hungarian Puszta. I am made by them unwell!

3) reasons to visit Hungary – never The food is… inedible

Plus they look disgusting too…Why would anybody would you like to consume food that appears like these? Why could you desire to consume a thing that’s called a ‘chimney‘bird’s or cake’ milk’??

‘Langos’ Madartej (‘Bird’s milk’) Chimney dessert

4) reasons to visit Hungary – never Hungarian culture is dull and nasty

Most of the silly embroidered garments, the absurd Hungarian folk party, as well as the music…. (mehr …)