NHL Bye Weeks Could be Leading to Higher Scores

Finding an edge in baseball gambling can occasionally be tough and the majority of the time that it results in a blown tire plus a complete yard sale. There are, however, a few tendencies that appear to stay true year in and year out and I’ve identified one in regard to NHL scoring that I believe could be beneficial to TV ratings and, furthermore, to a sportsbook account.
The trend I’m speaking of is that scoring goes up — way up — when teams get remainder. Yesterday evening, the first slate after the all-star game, was a microcosm of that as we saw that a total of 99 goals played in 14 games. That’s over seven goals per game, and also an OVER/UNDER record of 11-2-1. That wild night closed out a month which saw a major growth in scoring which increased the NHL goals per match league average to 5.46 and saw teams post a 185-162-31 OVER/UNDER record — a six percent growth in OVERs from the previous months.
A potential reason for the increase in scoring is the newly instituted bye weeks. The NHL recognized that scoring started to dip in January due to the intense schedule its players were subjected to and wanted to do something to curb the tendency. It’s a well-established actuality that if scoring goes , so do ratings, and also this bye week is a simple way to acquire players rested up a little to give that scoring the little boost it requires from the dog days of the NHL season without creating a fundamental change to the rule book. All these bye weeks will finish at the close of the month and that I think you will almost immediately see scoring return to normal.
A Couple of teams to target on the OVER right now are the Wild, Capitals, Blackhawks, Penguins, Stars, Jets and Blues. Throughout the month of January, those teams combined to get a 62-22-8 OVER/UNDER record and should only continue to do harm on the scoresheet within the next month or so. 1 thing you may notice is that every one of these teams come in the Central and Metropolitan branches. These are both highest-scoring branches in hockey and it is not near.
Something to look out for is a change in NHL totals. Books are slow to correct NHL lines and if they do, they probably already missed the trend or are attempting to convince you to bet one way or the other. When your book starts throwing out totals of 6 and 6.5, err on the side of caution and possibly avoid those games altogether. Nevertheless, you should hammer the OVER whenever you find any of the teams I mentioned previously receive a total of 5 or 5.5 before the present scoring tendency stops.

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