Andrew Luck Odds: Will He Return to the NFL or Opt for the XFL?

Andrew Luck’s decision to walk away from football and retire at age 29 sent shock waves across the sport world, and the Indianapolis Colts is going to be forced to proceed without their franchise indulged with less than fourteen days before the 2019 NFL season gets underway.
Luck was viewed on the sidelines of the Colts’ preseason competition Saturday night when ESPN’s Adam Schefter struck the information along with the QB went to get booed from the Indianapolis loyal. After the match, Luck verified the information at a press conference, mentioning a mounting injury record.
“I felt stuck and the only way out of this will be to no longer play football,” he explained. “It has taken my joy from the game.” The first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft renders the only franchise he known along with yards along with 171 career passing touchdowns as a four-time Professional Bowler.
But there is 1 tidbit for this story that’s much interesting: Oliver Luck, Luck’s father, is Vince McMahon’s XFL’s CEO and also commissioner that’s getting set to reboot in 2020.
Online sportsbook BetOnline has released odds on what Andrew’s future holds, together with all the odds on him acting in the NFL at the next two years at +500, the odds of him joining the XFL at +1500 and also an option for”neither” in -4000.
Given Luck’s extensive accident history and the fact that he’s already earned close to $100 million into his eponymous career, it wouldn’t be a shock to watch No. 12 never play professionally again. But stranger things have occurred in pro sports, and the Colts would welcome the signal-caller straight back with open arms in the future, when he gets the itch to compete again.
Luck had three years remaining on the extension he is currently devoting $58 million and signed up in 2016. After the news broke as the Super Bowl price of Indy fell from +1600 to +5000 with Jacoby Brissett at tow, oddsmakers aren’t expecting much from your Luck-less Colts.
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Do you think Luck will ride off into the sunset of retirement rather than return, or will there be a realistic possibility he will return to the NFL or XFL? Have your say in the comment section below.

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