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Boxing is a really popular sport among sports bettors. Everyone enjoys seeing a good fight and what makes betting on boxing so exciting is that you’re never out of it until it is over. One good punch landed on the chin is all it takes to complete the fight and change the outcome. The prevalence of boxing has diminished a little bit over recent years with the growth of MMA, but any reputed online sportsbook still offers chances on a great deal of boxing fights.
Betting on boxing online is very easy, you simply need a funded account at an online sportsbook. The sportsbooks recommended above all provide odds on a huge array of boxing matches (some bookies do not provide lines on many fights) and they’re each trustworthy and well respected in the industry. To register an account only stop by the sportsbook site and complete a brief form with basic details like your name, address and email and that’s it, you have an online sportsbook account. Then you’ll need to fund the account so as to get money to bet with. Credit card deposits are normally the simplest, however there are a vast array of other deposit methods to pick from and if you encounter trouble trying to deposit, simply contact customer service and they will help you find a deposit method which is suitable for you. Now you have cash in your accounts go ahead and place your bets!

Types of Boxing Bets
Moneyline betting is the hottest bet for boxing. It entails betting on which boxer wins the fight. Some other gambling options you can select from include total rounds (over/under on the number of rounds the battle goes), round gambling (bet which around a certain boxer finishes the fight in) and result (bet on which fighter wins and whether it was intentionally or TKO).

Boxing Betting Odds
If you bet on boxing it is crucial that you know the odds. The preferred in a fight will clearly payout less money for the same amount risked than the underdog. You will most often see American odds when setting a boxing wager so let’s look at a quick example to help you understand how the odds work:

Juan Manuel Marquez +550
Manny Pacquiao -750

Manny Pacquiao is a large favourite to win the battle. The (-750) odds indicate that you must wager $750 to win $100 gambling on Pacquiao. The (+550) chances beside Juan Manuel Marquez indicate that a $100 wager on Marquez would acquire $550 when he pulls off the upset.

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