Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers praises Harry Maguire’s handling of Manchester United transfer

Leicester director Brendan Rodgers has praised Harry Maguire’s handling of the summer death and hailed the’remarkable’ guardian’s effect at Old Trafford.
Rodgers took over ahead of a protracted transfer saga that saw Maguire join United for # 80m days before the Premier League transfer window closed in February at Leicester.
Rodgers disclosed that he has maintained a relationship, with Maguire place to face his former team for the first time since his death at Old Trafford on Saturday.
“I text Harry still now, wish him the very best when he was playing with England,” Rodgers said on Thursday. “He was a remarkable guy and a great player and for me personally, his behavior in the interval that he had been here, actually typified him as a guy.
“Although it had been so tricky for him the way throughout the summer, by the close of the year right the way through… I’ll always have a huge respect for him for that.
“He’s a great guy and he has gone and you’ll be able to see he has made them better.”
Leicester attained the international break unbeaten and third from the Premier League table three points clear of United, who have failed to back up an opening weekend.
Saturday’s meeting between the sides was billed as a match that could be critical in the struggle to get a top-six conclusion come the close of the season.
Asked whether United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might have chosen Maguire’s brain for specifics about Leicester’s strategic strategy, Rodgers said:”I do not believe so.
“Knowing how the sport works, all the analysts do a lot of the work.
“I wouldn’t have believed that he (Solskjaer) would have spoken a lot with Harry.”

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