Falcons’ Julio Jones says he won’t hold out for new deal

Julio Jones is not fretting his contract situation this summer.
Last offseason, the Atlanta Falcons receiver sat out prior to obtaining his contract corrected. Jones told TMZ he does not plan a similar boycott because he trusts owner Arthur Blank’s promise to find a new deal done.
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“Mr. Blank gave us his sentence,” Jones said. “That’s golden. … [Blank’s] word is it’s likely to have done. … There’s no stress in my end. I am not considering it.
“[Blank] makes it easy for me to venture out and just work daily and not have one of these situations where there is a holdout or anything like that.”
The Falcons brass has insisted a few times this offseason that they intend to offer Jones a fresh contract. Blank said he plans to make Julio a Falcon”for life.”
Jones has two years left on his contract worth $9.6 million and $11.426 million, respectively. Currently sitting 12th among recipients in average salary per year, expect the Falcons to boost Jones’ salary significantly with a new deal.
Between the owner’s promises and Jones’ confidence, the hope is a fresh deal materializes in the coming weeks, therefore the Falcons can fly through training camp and in the regular season with no inevitable, patriotic question .

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