Bury will not be re-admitted to Football League next season

Bury will not be re-admitted to the EFL following season after a meeting between the 71 member clubs on Thursday.
EFL clubs also have agreed that one club will be relegated from League Two this year.
Bury were expelled after the collapse of a proposed takeover following the postponement of the initial five fixtures after the Shakers were not able to provide evidence of their ability to finance the season last month in League One and the EFL.
An EFL announcement stated:”During the meeting, the EFL and its member clubs considered and debated quite a few choices, with clubs given the opportunity to air their views.
“The argument included consideration of this proposal submitted from the Bury FC Rescue Board for your club to be admitted into League Two under new ownership in season 2020-21.
“Following in-depth discussions, it became apparent that the proposal did not have the essential support and EFL clubs favoured extending the existing principle of a reduction in relegation across all branches as a means of returning to 72 clubs today and for the future.”
The Rescue Board, chaired by Bury North MP James Frith, had appealed to EFL associates to encourage an”compassionate re-entry” to the club, but their plea fell on deaf ears.
“While we’re saddened that Bury FC is no more a part of the EFL, the board tough choice to draw membership was taken after every chance to locate a resolution was exhausted,” EFL executive seat Debbie Jevans said.
“Since then, in spite of the efforts made on behalf of the team, the EFL has engaged with fans’ groups, shared their own entries together with our associates and debated at length the problems raised.
“After the debate [on Thursday], clubs have shown the favored way of travel is to decrease relegation from League Two as a way of returning to 72 clubs. The clubs believed that, in a difficult situation, this approach maintains fairness for many members and upholds the principle of the football pyramid.”
Meanwhile, the clubs have endorsed Premier League chief executive Rick Parry since the EFL chairman and also the appointment of Liverpool.
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