18/1 Odds – How To Work Out Your Bet

You have had a quick look at the chances. The 18/1 provide stands out to you. Might it be worth betting on? How much could you acquire if it comes away? Is 18/1 too much of a longshot? For the answers and much more, simply read on…
I will start with providing you with the easiest way to work out your winnings on a bet of 18/1. It’s basic maths. Take the sum of money that you staked and the larger odds quantity and multiply them. Therefore, in the event that you put #1, $1 or $1 on an 18/1 and the bet wins you’ll receive back #18, $18 or $18. It doesn’t matter what currency you use, the results will be the same.
Odds operate in a way that both gives you a possibility of winning but also so that bookmakers may create a profit. The smaller the chances, the more probable it is that your wager will probably win — in concept. The larger the odds, the more improbable your bet will win — again, in concept.
18/1 is very middle of the street and the likelihood that the wager will succeed depends entirely on the game you plan to bet on. And it’s not quite as short as chances of 7/4 which can’t net you very much at all!
If you are taking a look at a really large horse race like the 2019 Grand National, which has 40 runners, 18/1 are decent odds. It puts your preferred horse at the frame as a possible winner based on all the information that the bookmakers have. Likewise for golf, or any game which has a great deal of contenders.
However, if you’re seeing 18/1 at a two individual sport like baseball or boxing then it isn’t good. Odds in these types of sports ought to be much closer if the two players are equally matched.
Instead, if you’re looking ahead of a match or a championship along with your preferred participant is 18/1 to acquire outright, and you also know they could go way, then that is a sensible punt to take.

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