Survival Predictions for Avengers: Endgame

Spoilers for many MCU movies (Captain Marvel and earlier), as well as trailers, TV news and the IMDb page for Endgame.
Once you see AVENGERS: ENDGAME, please do not comment with spoilers either!
I did so for Avengers: Endgame last year, and while I, admittedly, was largely fooled (I gave Spider-Man, Black Panther and Star Lord a 100 percent Survival rate), I did make a few accurate predictions (Loki’s death and War Machine’s survival).
But without a guaranteed movies remaining for Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor, let’s have a stab (pun intended) at who is going to make it out alive, who’ll die a hero’s death, who is resurrected and who will not.
Here’s my list!
An asterisk (*) denotes a character isn’t confirmed to appear at Endgame.
We do not understand how they are going to get it done, but the surviving Avengers will likely find a way to revive their fallen comrades. (Unless, such as some theories suggest, parallel universes come into play.)
SPIDER-MAN — This we understand, as Far From Home hits theaters later this summer. And how can you kill off your friendly, local web-slinger?
BLACK PANTHER — Today an Oscar-winner and the 4th-highest-grossing film of all time, there is no way we have seen the last of T’challa.
*STAR LORD — Much like James Gunn’s directing career, Chris Pratt’s lovable outlaw Star Lord will return from oblivion.
TEEN GROOT — I’m Groot, I’m Groot…I’m Groot? I’m Groot!
SCARLET WITCH — She’s an upcoming show on Disney+ with her overdue beau Vision, however, the TV series could take place in between the events of previous movies.
*DR.STRANGE — It seems clear that Dr.Strange understood he would have to die for the Avengers to eventually defeat Thanos. But, I don’t see there being strong a desire for Dr.Strange sequels as, say, more Black Panther or even Spider-Man movies.
Decision FALCON –A prospective Captain America candidate, he’s a fun character who likely has a better chance at living this one than Bucky.
BUCKY BARNES–Also an option for Captain America replacement, Bucky has had a very troubled past, and could redeem himself with a hero’s death. It’d be cool, but to see him join up with the Wakandans in Black Panther 2.
THE WASP — I could see this movie end with a shot of the new Avengers — and if anyone’s capable to join them, it’s Hope van Dyne. In the end, she was among the founding members from the comics.

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